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February 19, 2015  

Speaking Truth to Power: A Conversation with Vernellia Randall

Retirement hasn’t slowed down Vernellia Randall. Quite the contrary, it has given her a second wind. The former University of Dayton School of Law professor has doubled down on her activist work, “speaking truth to power” (her motto on her website), and “work[ing] continuously at changing the world through law, love and activism.”

Randall, who writes and lectures extensively on race, women’s issues, health care and the law, joins Leid Stories for a wide-ranging conversation about justice in America.

She is a co-founder of Racial Justice Now, an Ohio grassroots organization of educators, parents, clergy and community activists dedicated to fighting institutional and systemic racism and holding people in power accountable.

Apart from her academic accomplishments in law, Randall, a registered nurse, has had an impressive career in public health as an administrator of a statewide public-health program in Alaska. She is the author of Dying While Black, an in-depth look at race-based disparities in U.S. health care.

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