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February 19, 2013  

It’s Open Forum on Leid Stories. Listeners debate two issues.

Are Republicans on the side of right when they claim a “massive coverup” on Benghazi and therefore entitled to interrupt or obstruct the business of government in pursuit of mere allegations? Or, is their way of continuing the do-nothing strategy of Obama’s first term so he would have little to show as accomplishments for his two terms in office?

And, in terms of the law, how is Christopher Dorner to be classified, given his actions and his own justification for them in his “manifesto?”  Was he mentally impaired by racism? Is racism a viable defense for murder? With his “declaration of war” as a former cop against the LAPD, was he an assassin, an enemy combatant, a megalomaniac who felt entitled to take summary action because things did not go his way?

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