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January 31, 2022  
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President Biden's declaration that he'll  nominate by the end of February a black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the seat that Justice Stephen Bryer will have vacated by his retirement. 

What's your take on how Biden is handling this?

Prosecutors in the federal hate crime case of the killing of Armaud Arbery filed notices yesterday that they've made plea deals with two of the three men -- a father and son, Gregory and Travis McMichael -- charged in Aubery's Feb. 23, 2020 shooting death.

William "Roddie" Bryan, the third member of the posse that chased Arbery and cornered him as he jogged through their neighborhood outside Brunswick, Ga., was not included in the plea deal, which Arbery's parents, Wanda Cooper Jones and Marcus Arbery, said they are "vehemently" against.

What is your initial reaction to the purported plea deals?

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