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January 30, 2014  

Unheard and Unseen: The American Way of Poverty

“Poverty” or “the poor” are words President Obama doesn’t use frequently – unless he’s referring to the “extreme poverty” U.S. foreign aid is helping to alleviate in other nations. At home, though, the president says his focus is on “income inequality.”

But 50 million Americans have little or no income; they are poor. And an estimated equal number depend on government-subsidized food programs to sustain themselves and their families. Poverty is epidemic in America.

Leid Stories presents a briefing on poverty in America by way of author Sasha Abramsky, who has written several books, articles and papers on the subject. His current work, The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives, serves as an update on the misery index on the large and growing segment of America that, 50 years after President Lyndon B. Johnson’s declaration of a “war on poverty,” remains largely unheard and unseen, despite vigorous advocacy and intervention. 

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