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January 23, 2014  

U.N. Sued for Cholera Epidemic in Haiti; Damages Sought

Detroit’s Grassroots Emboldened By Recent Victory

A lawsuit against the United Nations and operations under its command in Haiti after the devastating earthquake four years ago is seeking damages for the deaths of 8,500 people and the infection of more than 60,000 others from a cholera epidemic caused allegedly by lax sanitation practices of peacekeepers assigned there.

Dr. Jean-Ford Figaro, a public-health specialist and Brian Concannon, director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, discuss the cholera epidemic and its impact from medical and legal perspectives.

And Leid Stories returns to Detroit, where grassroots political pressure yesterday forced Gov. Rick Snyder to release $350 million to the distressed city – money widely viewed as the city’s tax-levied share to begin with.

Activists Elena Herrada and Abayomi Azikiwe discuss the growing opposition to Detroit’s old political order.

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