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January 19, 2015  

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sets An Agenda with Faith, Hope and Clarity

Leid Stories commemorates the 86th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Day Jr. with his prescient analyses of the amalgamated forces of oppression against people of color in the United States and worldwide; his redefinition of the struggle for freedom and equality in America; his relentless pursuit of justice through directed action; his application of the lessons of history; his undiluted pride in being African; and his unshakable faith.

King transmits all this and more in his speeches today, with vivid instructions to us all about the work still to be done to bring to fruition a just and democratic society.

Mainstream media will play its predictable role, projecting King as a “dreamer.” King’s blistering polemics, however, informed the thrust of the civil-rights movement, which awakened society, and African Americans especially, to their inherent power.

King was a beacon, shining a strong light to bring us to safe harbor. Why, then, does it seem that we remain at anchor in a churning sea?


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