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January 10, 2022  
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Is Trump succeeding at underming Biden's presidency with his parallel presidency? Have Republicans fully yielded the party toTrump?
▪︎Just how much has Trump's failed coup attempt on Jan. 6 last year cost the district of Washington, D.C.? Who picks up the tab, and what was the cost?
▪︎Eight years ago, 61-year-old Yao Pan Ma, was savagely assaulted in the Bronx while he collected soda cans to pay his rent. Jarrod Powell, a 50 -year-old black man, had pleaded not guilty of several charges -- including attempted murder and hate crimes -- at his arraignment last June 22.
But eight years after the brutal attack, Yao Pan Ma has died of his severe wounds. A security camera captured a man, prosecutors identified as Powell, stomping repeatedly on Yao Pan Ma's head.
Does this case make a strong argument for the state's harshest sentence?
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