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January 3, 2022  
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It's the first edition of "Leid Stories" for 2022. 
Welcome! -- if you're joining us for the first time, or are fairly new to the program. 
And welcome back, those of you who are in the groove again, picking up from we left off all the way back in 2021.
I'm Utrice Leid. and this is Leid Stories.
So, let's get started.
▪︎What do you think will be our greatest challenge as a nation in this new year?
What makes you think so?
▪︎Will Donald Trump get his comeuppance this year or will there be a battle royal to spring him from the clutches of the Democrats?
▪︎What major national disaster should we be prepared for? Why will it happen?
▪︎What strong points do you think the Republicans have against the Democrats? 
▪︎Facing the challenges we face as a nation, what is the smartest thing political, institutional and civic leaders can do now? 
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