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June 19, 2014  

Bill and HillaryEven as President Barack Obama wrestles with an “appropriate” response to the crisis in Iraq, he knows he’s in a no-win situation. The fact that he’s reminded congressional leaders that he doesn’t need their signoff on any action he might take confirms that the push-and-pull of vested interests is intense.

Obama and his administration are being called to account, even being blamed, for ending the bogus, nine-year, U.S.-instigated war he didn’t start. And he’s been saddled with the nightmare of doing damage control on the history of the nation’s outrageous conduct and foreign policy in the region.

President George Bush was a chief actor in this regard. But, says Leid Stories, it was President Clinton who started the war as “dual containment,” in behalf of Israel, of Iraq and Iran. On Hillary’s presidential campaign trail, he would lie and say he opposed the war [by Bush]. And it was Hillary Clinton who not only supported the war as a U.S. senator, but continued as secretary of state to push hardline policies against these and other emerging Muslim states—including the use of nuclear weapons against Iran.

The Clintons must answer for their roles in the Iraq crisis.

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