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April 30, 2013  

It’s Open Forum on Leid Stories, when listeners offer their takes on major issues and events for consideration and debate. No need to panic; all opinions and points of view are welcome and respected. But be prepared to defend your position if prodded – with great love and respect, of course.

April 29, 2013  

In the aftermath of the April 15 Boston Marathon twin bombings, there are more questions than answers—not only about the shadowy figures said to be the terrorists, but also about the performance of governmental agencies and authorities charged with countering terrorism.

Stephen Lendman, a renowned author and research associate at the Center for Research on Globalization, puts the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the microscope in this edition of Leid Stories. The agency, he says, has had, and continues to have, cozy relationships with terrorists, and has been directly implicated in several terror plots.

It is quite possible, he says, that alleged bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were “set up” to commit the bombings. “The official story,” he says, “is full of holes.”

April 26, 2013  

It’s a simple-enough question that immigrants commonly are asked. Repeatedly. But it actually is loaded many shades of meaning that even the questioner or the person being questioned understands.

Leid Stories deconstructs the question. Are you ready for the answer to it?

April 25, 2013  

We continue the conversation on terrorism, looking in particular at our twisted relationship with it. We are inclined to condemn it as an undemocratic means of social and political control, but even in routine ways we endorse, accept and insist upon its application to achieve what we define and defend as democracy and the greater good.

It’s all about contradictions, and no one is spared today on Leid Stories.
April 24, 2013  

What is it about the word “terrorist” that—pardon the pun—terrorizes people who consider themselves politically left of center? They just hate to use the word. So, naturally, Leid Stories devotes today’s program to just that subject, hoping to expose what for many is a quandary: using the language and definitions of “the other side” when there is such sharp disagreement with their ideology and just about everything they stand for. But fear not, good souls, we shall calmly and methodically locate the source of this problem and, of course, deal with it!

April 23, 2013  

Continuing with our coursework in media literacy, Leid Stories examines the mainstream media’s self-assigned role in a perceived “national crisis.” Coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and aftermath continues to reflect and reinforce the desired objectives of the state, even at the expense of journalistic independence and integrity. There is a shared mission, after all, and the media are obligated to fulfill its part of the bargain, providing the “information” necessary to maintain order, national identity and the mechanisms of social control.

April 22, 2013  

A Triumph Over Terrorism? America’s “Teachable Moment”

The intent was to strike terror in the hearts and minds of Americans, and, to some degree, they succeeded.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and his 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar—the alleged terror tag team in a just-plain-stupid plan to exact revenge for something or other (it’s still not known) by trying to kill and maim as many runners and spectators as possible at the Boston Marathon (??)—aren’t being extolled or embraced by anybody.
Still, Boston’s week from hell was what President Obama might call “a teachable moment” for America. For, it brought to light a number of issues and nagging questions that repeatedly have been raised about his and previous administrations’ so-called “war on terror,” but not answered.
For his and the nation’s benefit, Leid Stories raises them again.
April 19, 2013  

The Boston Marathon bombings, allegedly by two Chechen nationals, have revived the long-simmering questions: Why? Why us?

These questions were raised in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by al Qaeda terrorists, who unleashed unspeakable violence on innocent people in the United States. There answers about how they did it, but not why, and not why us.

Leid Stories poses the same questions to listeners today, looking for answers that will help us understand the incongruity of unwarranted violence against unsuspecting people at an athletic event and two young suspects bent on bringing death and grievous injury to them in bomb-bearing backpacks.

April 18, 2013  
April 17, 2013  

The Boston Marathon bombing is a case study in ways the media shape what we know–or, more accurately, what we think we know—about issues and events occurring in and/or having impact on our everyday lives. Leid Stories conducts a media literacy class to shore up listeners’ acuity as consumers of information. The big story out of Boston continues to unfold, and with it the telltale signs of hidden motives and agendas. But fear not, we’ve got them uncovered!

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