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December 19, 2016  

Five hundred and thirty-eight electors—100 from the U.S. Senate, 435 from the House of Representatives, and three representing the District of Columbia—will be meeting all over the country today to perform a quadrennial duty: selecting the next president and vice president of the United States. The rancor of the presidential election between main combatants Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is expected to spill over to the Electoral College vote, with two sore points at the root—Clinton won the popular vote while Trump won the more significant electoral vote, and Clinton has charged that Russian cyberattacks and a smear campaign against her caused her loss.

Leid Stories looks at the Electoral College vote, whether anti-Trump threats to derail the vote will succeed, and whether Clinton’s claims will be borne out by federal probes currently under way.

The second half of the program focuses on the legitimacy of the claim—now being echoed by President Obama, powerful members of Congress, the media and influential organizations—that Russia fixed the election.

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