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August 2, 2018  

That loud, incessant, screeching noise we’re hearing? It’s America’s bloviator-in-chief and his dimwitted legal adviser squealing that the sky is falling. And it very well may be, because President Trump is being asked to respond, in person and in writing, to specific questions from Special Counsel Robert Muller’s ongoing probe. No hype, no misstatements, no bluffs. Just hard, cold facts. Trump’s not ready to submit to scrutiny.

This being a critical election year for the Democratic Party, former President Barack Obama yesterday threw his support behind 81 candidates from 14 states running in the midterms. He’ll announce a second set of endorsements prior to the election, his office said. Obama said he’s “eager to make the case for why Democratic candidates deserve our votes this fall.” Obama has laid low since leaving office while President Donald Trump has been on the campaign trail for other candidates and the Republican Party since winning office.

Leid Stories “polls” listeners on their attitudes about the midterm elections this November.

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