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November 3, 2016  

In an almost surreal Election 2016 development, a former deputy assistant secretary of state announced yesterday that high-level operatives in the U.S. intelligence community, outraged by a Clinton-orchestrated “coup” of the U.S. government through “corruption, cooptation and cronyism,” as of yesterday began a “countercoup” to torpedo Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and dislodge an entrenched Clinton-directed shadow government.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik said that recent and ongoing releases by WikiLeaks of damning documents about the Clinton empire are from many in the U.S. intelligence community opposed to what he called the Clintons’ “civil coup” of the U.S. government. Pieczenik cited The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation in his statement about the kind of lawlessness the intelligence group aims to expose and stop. 

Leid Stories looks at this stunning development in light of our ongoing series on the Clinton Foundation. Charles Ortel, a former Wall Street financial analyst and leading expert on the foundation’s operations, calls “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history.” He returns as our guide through the Clinton billion-dollar “charity” boondoggle, which he has been probing for about two years.

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