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August 21, 2014  

Leid Stories does this from time to time. Much like having a medical checkup, we take stock of our political consciousness as a way of tracking our understanding and interpretation of our day-to-day reality and how we’re functioning (or not functioning) within it.

Understanding informs behaviors and actions. So, ultimately, the point of this exercise is to gauge the impact of our various realities on our thinking and how, in turn, this is affecting our actions in spheres in which we have some type of influence—family, community, organizations, etc.

How have recent issues and events affected your political consciousness? How has your reality been changed by them? What new ground have you gained in understanding the way systems work (or don’t work)? What have you learned about yourself and your ability to make a difference?

No pat answers here, just an earnest effort at consciousness raising. We learn by genuinely sharing information with each other.

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