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October 1, 2018  

The nation is riveted by the constantly unfolding story of Brett Kavanaugh, the Washington, D.C. circuit court judge President Donald Trump has nominated to fill s vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. The Senate Judiciary Committee has blunted Kavanaugh's hoped-for shoo-in with hearings and a pending investigation that have him at the center of sexual misconduct charges. It's a macabre reality show, with Trump in his familiar role of executive producer. But as is normal for the genre, the public won't get to see the outtakes--which is what we'll be talking about today on Leid Stories. the What's emerging The stories media's intense coverage of the It is the headline-grabbing story of the Monday night’s overhyped, corporate-media-hosted “Big Debate” between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is yet another reason the duopoly’s stranglehold on electoral politics must end.

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