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March 27, 2014  

 Media Literacy: Obama’s U.S. and World History Redux in Belgium;

Detroit Update: Massive Courtroom Battle Over Bankruptcy Exit Plan 

President Obama is cutting a wide swath through Europe, urging European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies to stand fast in unity against Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea, actions he says are grave violations of world order.

In a speech he delivered yesterday at the Hague in Brussels, Obama warned that Europe will experience past calamities if its leaders do not move to check Russia’s desire to expand its empire. Economic and trade sanctions should be implemented by the EU to isolate Russia, Obama said, adding that EU and NATO allies also should be prepared to “deepen” actions against Russia.

Obama’s speech, however, was revisionism personified. Leid Stories uses it as a study in media literacy.

Retirees, city workers, union leaders and a coalition of grassroots groups are putting the final touches on a sheaf legal objections to the state-appointed emergency city manager’s fiscal plan to dig Detroit out of bankruptcy. Federal bankruptcy judge Stephen Rhodes will hear their objections on April 1.

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African Newswire and a Detroit organizer for the Workers World Party, gives the details.

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