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July 16, 2018  

Few were surprised by the resignation Saturday of Haiti’s prime minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, after widespread rebellion and a two-day general strike over the government’s foiled plan to impose steep hikes in fuel prices. Indeed, Leid Stories predicted Lafontant’s downfall. But if it is meant to appease Haitians, Lafontant’s exit is only part of their much broader demand: An entire coterie of corrupt government officials must make their exit, too.

Veteran journalist Kim Ives, a prizewinning documentarian and editor of the English edition of the news weekly Haïti Liberté, provides an update on the still-fluid situation in Haiti. He also updates his report about Haitians in Central and South America facing monumental hardships in their bid to return home.


Russia’s Vladimir Putin and U.S.A.’s Donald Trump meet today at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland. Their seconds, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, will meet separately, also at the palace. They’ll talk (we don’t know what’s on their respective agendas), then there’ll be lunch and a news conference, and everybody goes home.

Leid Stories listeners discuss what they consider to be the most unusual aspects of the superpower “summit.”

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