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July 30, 2018  

Many would contend it is both false and unpatriotic to suggest that the United States of America is in a state of crisis. Has martial law been declared? No. Is there a run on the banks? No. Is food being rationed? No. The United States, like any developed country, they say, isn’t immune to setbacks and downturns and similar effects in the global economy. And, comparatively speaking, Americans enjoy a better way of life than most people in the world.

Yet polls are showing deep divisions among Americans about the direction of the country, racial polarization, class consciousness, economic opportunity and hot-button issues such as immigration and access to strategic resources such as education, housing and health care.

President Donald Trump and his administration—and the social, political and economic tenor of our times, generally—have come to symbolize the deep divisions America is experiencing that are pushing the nation toward implosion. Leid Stories asks: Are we in fact witnessing America’s demise? Can we do anything to change course or direction?

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