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August 28, 2014  

Ferguson, MO: U.N. Intervention Sought; National Youth Rally Planned

Rebuke of Cuomo Confirms Why Sharpton Won't Demand Special Prosecutor in Chokehold Case

In the aftermath of the Aug. 9 police killing of Michael Brown, Ferguson has become the epicenter of related political and social action.

Leid Stories reports today on a human-rights initiative seeking protection under international conventions for Ferguson residents and citizens elsewhere in the United Nations engaged in lawful protest and the exercise of their democratic rights.

Dr. Mustafa Ansari, dean of the American Institute for Human Rights and point person on the initiative, discusses human-rights violations in Ferguson—which, he says, are continuing.

The newly formed Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition leads a “National March on Ferguson” this Saturday (Aug. 30), aimed at galvanizing the unharnessed social and political power of youth and channeling it toward actions and solutions to the myriad problems confronting this demographic. Leid Stories gets an insider’s view of the aims and objectives of the march and, more importantly, the targets of its directed action.

A New York Times editorial board rebuke Tuesday of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that explained its refusal to endorse him in the Sept. 9 primary because he failed at the ‘No. 1 job” of cleaning up corruption in state government also confirms why the Rev. Al Sharpton is not demanding that he appoint a special prosecutor in the police chokehold death of Eric Garner. Leid Stories explains.

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