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April 9, 2015  

Dr. Yosef A. A. ben-Jochannan: Requiem for A Seeker and Teacher of Truth

Internationally renowned scholar Dr. Yosef Alfredo Antonio ben-Jochannan, affectionately known as “Dr. Ben,” lies in state today at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem; a funeral service will be held at the church tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

Dr. Ben died on March 19 at the age of 97, and new funeral arrangements had to be made to accommodate large contingents of mourners and dignitaries from across the nation and the world wanting to pay their respects.

A noted Egyptologist and specialist in ancient Nile Valley cultures and histories, Dr. Ben belonged to a revered group of African, African American and Caribbean scholars whose pioneering research and published works validated the centrality of Africa to world civilizations.  

Leid Stories pays tribute to Dr. Ben today. Dr. Arthur Lewis, a Harlem physician and community activist who was a close associate of Dr. Ben for more than 40 years, shares personal recollections of the scholar’s singleminded mission to advance and expand knowledge of Africa’s contributions to the world.


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