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October 8, 2015  

Obama’s Education Secretary Quits; Attack on Public Schools Won’t

A Lead-Poisoned River Runs Through It: Water Woes in Flint, Michigan

Ferguson, Missouri, Being Readied for Forced Bankruptcy

Dr. Thomas C. Pedroni, associate professor of curriculum studies and policy sociology at Wayne State University and co-director of the Detroit Data and Democracy Project, discusses the shameful legacy of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and why, after Duncan quits at the end of the year, his policies are likely to continue.

The cash-strapped city of Flint, Michigan, currently under state-imposed emergency management, is distributing free water filters to residents after elevated levels of lead were found in children. Since last year, the city has been using water from the Flint River to cut its water costs. Curt Guyette, an investigative reporter for the ACLU of Michigan, says local authorities consistently denied that a public danger existed, and now residents are in a pitched battle to safeguard their health.

In a commentary Leid Stories reveals that the City of Ferguson, Missouri, is being readied for a forced bankruptcy. 

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