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June 28, 2018  

President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy has caused the forcible separation of thousands of families at the southern border—all of whom, Trump says, were seeking to enter the United States illegally. Swift reaction to the newly hatched policy temporarily has slowed the pace of the program, but not official inquiries about it.

With more than 2,000 families separated and no clear plan by the administration for how detained individuals legally are to be processed, A federal judge on Tuesday ordered an end to family separations within a month, and within 14 days if separations involve children five years old or younger.

Trump has overstepped the boundaries with this policy, says Leid Stories. Invoking “national security” and “securing our borders” as the reasons for his draconian actions, he has managed to fend off demands by advocacy groups and elected officials for accountability.

Leid Stories says the enormity of abuses committed and still being committed under Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy warrant immediate investigation—not only by a special U.S. committee, but also by an international body

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