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June 26, 2018  

Trump is winning, and that’s a very bad thing. Showing little or no regard for institutional practice, he’s made quick work of tearing at, tearing up and tearing down once-revered pillars of democracy and has succeeded significantly in ushering in the era of the imperial presidency. He’s the smartest, shrewdest, greatest president America’s ever had, Trump  proclaims; all he needs is for people to get out of his way.

Stunningly, the nation’s guardians did. And even though Trump’s self-congratulatory boasts of accomplishments very often differ widely from the facts, in just a year and a half the president has radically altered the fundamental idea of what it means to be American—to Americans themselves and to the world.

Leid Stories in a commentary warns about Trump’s triumph, which, it says, is a byproduct of a major crisis of political leadership and a system resistant to change.

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