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July 24, 2018  

Four years after six New York Police Department officers were videotaped participating in the violent attempted arrest of 43-year-old Eric Garner of Staten Island allegedly for selling bootleg cigarettes, only one of them, Officer Daniel Pantaleo, will face charges.

But Pantaleo, who had placed Garner in an illegal chokehold while trying to subdue Garner, will not be appearing in a regular court. Instead, he’ll face still-undisclosed charges in a closed disciplinary proceeding before the Civilian Complaint Review Board, which gives the police commissioner, not the court system, final—and unilateral—authority to rule on a case involving police misconduct.

Leid Stories contends that the NYPD’s parallel justice system is both unconstitutional and unjust, because it is arbitrary, fraught with favoritism, subverts the law and creates a two-tiered system of justice in which members of law enforcement are held to one standard, and citizens, another.

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