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August 30, 2016  

Read most any informational material from the Clinton Foundation about what it and a laundry list of “projects” or “initiatives” it has spawned all over the world do, and you’d probably reach for your checkbook to help support their continued “good works.”

But as Leid Stories has been revealing in an ongoing investigative series, the Clinton Foundation and its affiliated spinoffs may be the largest case of charities fraud. Several concurrent probes, with others developing, have the foundation and its top officers in the legal crosshairs for running what is believed to be an intricately designed slush fund operating under the guise of philanthropy. The foundation, investigators contend, for years has been a clearing house for “donations” from foreign governments and well-placed corporations and individuals seeking political favors from Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Financial expert and investor Charles Ortel, who independently has been investigating the operations of the Clinton Foundation and its related entities, has been detailing on Leid Stories his contention that the foundation for years has been engaging in “massive charities fraud.”

In today’s edition, Ortel answers the question: How did this over-the-top operation escape the attention of regulators for so long?

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