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July 28, 2016  

President Barack Obama boosted Hillary Clinton’s—and his own—political fortunes last night with a keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention that effusively praised both the leadership credentials and accomplishments of his scandal-plagued former secretary of state and the fervor with which Americans validated and clung to his “audacity of hope” throughout his tumultuous two terms in office. He was a historic “first,” as Clinton will be as a glass-ceiling-breaking first-female president, he told the roaring crowd, but misgivings about him gave way to a trust that emboldened his desire to serve, he said. Now, as he makes his exit after eight years and with still so much more to be done, Obama said voters would be wise to give the “baton” of leadership, as he is, to Clinton.

It was a great speech. But speeches, especially of this type, are designed to throw you off guard, says Leid Stories. Which is why today’s program focuses on the key items the Democrats achieved through speeches at their national convention.   

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