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November 14, 2016  

Still reeling from a stunning and unexpected defeat, courtesy Donald Trump, ex-presidential contender Hillary Clinton finds herself this week in the crosshairs of heavy artillery aimed directly at her, her husband Bill Clinton, and the foundation they operated as a “charity” that claimed to be doing “good works” all over the world but really was a pay-to-play business enterprise that sold political favors and high-level access to individuals, corporations and governments in exchange for hefty “donations” to the foundation.

Several U.S. probes that were in play before Election Day have revved up their investigations, widening them to include donors themselves. Several foreign governments also have launched parallel probes of the Clinton foundation’s operations in their countries, and some international aid agencies are pressing for more detailed accounting of hundreds of millions of dollars that were directed to various “charitable” programs the foundation said it ran in some of the most distressed areas of the world.

Leid Stories continues its series exposing how the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation and its various affiliated pseudocharities have been the hub of a what former Wall Street financial analyst and leading expert on the foundation’s operations calls “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history.” Ortel blew the whistle on stock fraud on Wall Street prior to the 2007-2008 crash. The extent of fraud in the Clinton Foundation, he says, is of similar magnitude in the world of philanthropy.

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