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February 27, 2018  

The stock market is humming and all’s well on Wall Street, if we are to believe herds of financial analysts and forecasters. There’ll be an occasional dip, of course, but when has there never been a dip, they say. The market is only responding to dynamic, momentary shifts that occur in markets all over the world, and things are steady, they say.

But Charles Ortel, a retired Wall Street banker who in recent years has turned his attention to charity fraud, says don’t believe the hype. He warned Leid Stories two years ago to prepare for a major stock market eruption, and today he says it’s closer than he expected.

Eleven years ago, Ortel not only sounded the alarm, but pinpointed where, why and how it would happen. General Electric, he said, would be the eye of the storm .

Ortel joins us today to further explain what he says is about to happen.

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