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June 26, 2018  

An editorial appearing today in West Virginia’s The Intelligencer raises an interesting question.

Titled “Take A Critical Look At Charitable Foundation Abuse,” it says: “New York’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his charitable foundation, accusing them of using money illegally to help his businesses and political campaign. Whether the action has any merit remains to be seen.

“But while we are thinking of abuses involving charitable foundations, what about Hillary and Bill Clinton? Why did the matter of their foundation and millions of dollars from Russia get swept under the carpet?”

Inquiring minds for years have been demanding answers to this and other important questions concerning the operations of The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and its labyrinth of spinoff projects and programs. No answers so far, not even from the Justice Department’s recently released 568-page inspector general’s report on how the DoJ and FBI handled their probes into Hillary Clinton’s use of a secret server when she was secretary of state.

Charles Ortel, a retired Wall Street banker who has spent years crusading against charity fraud—and, most specifically, the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history,” referring to the Clinton Foundation—discusses the significance of The Intelligencer’s push for answers.

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