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November 29, 2016  

The saga of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation continues, and Leid Stories reports the latest developments.

Several foreign governments that generously had donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the foundation to fund many of its “charitable” programs around the world want their money back and are taking legal action to get it. Their action could be a fatal blow to the foundation.

Documents and reports recently submitted to the IRS by the foundation—after two extensions—still are not complete, and again omit detailed accounting for all money received and how it was spent.

Although President-Elect Donald Trump appears to have flip-flopped on his pre-election demand for a federal criminal investigation of the Clintons and their foundation, Leid Stories has learned that one is ongoing anyway, and key players in the outgoing Obama administration are working feverishly to intercede in the Clintons’ behalf before Trump takes office.

Charles Ortel, the recognized expert on the Clinton Foundation and credited with exposing it as “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history,” explains the significance of these and related developments.

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