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November 20, 2017  

Thousands of people marched on the National Mall of the nation’s capital yesterday, demanding President Trump and his administration deliver promised help for the storm-ravaged island of Puerto Rico. In addition, the coalition of humanitarian and activist organizations that staged the march is calling for legislative action on eliminating an unfair maritime law that imposes prohibitive taxes on imports, cancellation of the island’s $73 billion debt burden, and rebuilding critical infrastructure.

Two months after Hurricane Maria gutted most of Puerto Rico, the island’s residents remain despondent about living conditions. Does the U.S. really intend to restore Puerto Rico, or is there another plan?

City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell, who earned her political stripes as a community organizer fighting efforts to wipe out the Broadmoor neighborhood after Hurricane Katrina, is the new mayor—the first African-American woman, to boot—of New Orleans. Leid Stories discusses the significance of her victory.

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