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April 26, 2017  

Now that Hillary and Bill Clinton have taken all those restorative walks in the woods and rested up from her bruising 2016 presidential campaign, you’d think they’d be putting things in order at the family foundation (the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation) to comply fully with U.S. and international law—especially since then-candidate Donald Trump had practically put a prosecutorial bounty on their heads for using the foundation as a pay-to-play political operation.

To avoid the appearance of donors receiving political favors, the foundation said it would shut down its Clinton by Global Initiative by April 15 this year, letting go 22 staff, and concentrate instead on its philanthropic projects.

Charles Ortel, who has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for more than two years and has been reporting his findings on Leid Stories, returns with his latest report. Ortel blew the whistle on Wall Street fraud in 2007-2008, when he proved that many companies—GE, GM and AIG among them—had overvalued their stocks by hundreds of billions of dollars. An expert on charities, Ortel says the Clinton foundation is “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in history.”

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