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November 18, 2016  

On May 18, as the contentious party primaries were winding down and first-time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders emerged as a real threat to the party-establishment-preferred Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ supporters boldly confronted the staid leadership of the Democratic Party for sabotaging his campaign.

In July, Sanders stunned his troops and the political world with a declaration at Democratic National Convention that he was ending his campaign and would be supporting Clinton.

Yesterday, the same day U.S. Sen. Charles “Chuck” Schumer was elected Senate minority leader by fellow Democrats, Schumer announced that Sanders has been named “chair of outreach.”

Has Bernie driven the stake in the heart of a very promising political movement?

Americans continue to grapple with the stunning election of Donald Trump as president. Opinions abound as to what his win means, both short term and long term, for the country. But one thing is certain: The world is watching, too.

British Pakistani writer, journalist, political scientist and filmmaker Tariq Ali, leftist in his political leanings, puts Trump’s triumph in global context.

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