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October 18, 2016  

No matter who wins the big prize—the presidency of the United States—20 days from now, wide swaths of America will be tallying incalculable losses that will go far beyond who the 45th occupant of the White House will be. A “stunning” victory will be declared for one, bitter defeat for the rest, and America will have concluded the hallowed quadrennial ritual that is a “benchmark of our democracy.”

This year, muffled discontent with the electoral process has given way to perhaps the loudest and most pointed criticisms we’ve seen and heard since the tumultuous ’60s of the system and candidates vying for the nation’s highest office. But there’s little evidence that the people’s feelings and views have been high on the list of priorities in this self-centered, personality-driven race.

Leid Stories “polls” listeners’ views about Election 2016, which, after tomorrow’s final “debate” will mercifully soon come to an end—only to begin a new chapter of political mayhem and misfortune?

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