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January 11, 2018  

Next Monday, when the nation pays mostly symbolic tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. commemorating what should have been his 86th birthday, look to the State Florida, where prison inmates plan to live the meaning of King’s prophetic words. Many of them will go on strike against the state’s legendarily oppressive prison system, refusing to work for 30 days until basic human-rights demands are met—not only fo themselves but for all prisoners.

Ahead of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Leid Stories reminds us all that each of us has a role to play in creating both the possibility and reality of a better world. Sadly, for too many it’s merely an idea, not a duty or ongoing commitment. But King admonishes us against self-induced passivity in the face of clear and present dangers to humanity as a whole and even to ourselves. It was the signature theme of his speeches and writings.

A week before he was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tenn., where he had gone to support sanitation workers on strike, King preached to a church congregation about the importance of “Remaining Awake Through  Great Revolution.” We listen to that sermon in preparation for further discussion on Leid Stories.

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