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August 29, 2018  

A five-way primary race for governor in Florida, one of the largest swing states in the nation, ended with a bang last night with a Bernie Sanders-backed, come-from-behind candidate claiming the big prize. Andrew Gillum, the 39-year-old mayor of Tallahassee, advances to the general election to face off against Republican nominee Rep. Ron DeSantis.

Is Progressive power taking hold?

Pope Francis's recent trip to Ireland--the first papal visit in almost 40 years--was not the triumph hoped for. To the contrary, it served as a  backdrop for renewed demands by angry and tormented Catholics that the church respond forthrightly to an epidemic of sex abuse, especially against children, by priests and officials immunized by the culture of silence and coverup within the church. Confronted in Ireland about the crisis, Pope Francis responded by saying he felt shame for the church. Now a militant faction wants the pope to resign. But Leid Stories asks: Will that solve the problem?

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