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August 1, 2018  

On July 19, security cameras outside a Clearwater, Fla., convenience store captured a violent altercation between two men—one white, one black. It appeared they had a brief but heated verbal exchange, and the black man shoved the white man, who fell to the ground.  The footage showed the white man, identified as Michael Drejka, pulling out a handgun and shooting the black man, identified as Markeis McGlocton. Mortally wounded, McGlocton staggered back into the store.

McGlocton died, but his killer has not been arrested or even charged.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri quickly became the target of public outrage. But he says that Florida law prohibits him from either arresting or charging Drejka, who has invoked Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law to defend his deadly action.

Gualtieri yesterday called a news conference to explain how the “Stand Your Ground” law applies in the case and what it allows him to do and not do, notwithstanding public opinion.

Leid Stories will be covering different aspects of this case. We begin with Sheriff Gualtieri’s perspective on the “Stand Your Ground” law.

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