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January 8, 2018  

The appellation “The People’s Attorney General” befits Alton H. Maddox Jr., who for more than a half-century has been engaged in vigorous struggle against American apartheid, battling an inherently uneven, unfair and immoral system engineered to throttle the well-being, opportunities and progress of people of color while assuring rights, privileges and social, political and economic control to whites.

Long before the Newnan, Ga.-born Maddox became a lawyer, he had placed himself in service to distressed communities. But it was in the bantustans of the North, most notably in New York City, that Maddox came into the fullness of big-city apartheid and his role in battling it, both inside and outside the courts. He has paid a big price, but continues the struggle.

Leid Stories begins the first of an extended conversation with Maddox, a treasure in our midst. 

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