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April 23, 2019  

We are encouraged to believe that as a nation we're experiencing just another political phase that is, perhaps, a bit more dramatic than those we've been through. But soon enough this rough patch will be behind us and life will go on.

Somehow, this feels different. The situation's not normal.

Leid Stories asks listeners: How is the current situation shaping/reshaping your attitudes about U.S. politics?

April 19, 2019  

It' been quite a week, with political intrigue and mayhem just about everywhere.

What grabbed your attention this week that you'd like to talk about? Call 888-874-4888 and free your mind.

April 18, 2019  

The Trump propaganda machine is on full blast about "ex-Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig's indictment a week ago on charges of lying to federal investigators, including those on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, about work Craig might have done foreign clients, including former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, but not reporting it to U.S. authorities, as he was required to do.

Trump and his passel of media mouthpieces immediately seized on the news, deliberately identifying Craig and his alleged crimes with the Obama White House. Not true. Craig was long gone from the White House and, like Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, had set himself up as a well-connected consultant available to foreign governments looking to increase their leverage with Washington.

Craig's legal entanglements and personal connections are sure to come to light. Leid Stories discusses some of them.

April 17, 2019  

Warmongers in Congress are looking forward to backing President Donald Trump's threatened military "intervention" in Venezuela, even as President Nicolas Maduro, expecting imminent attack, is seeking 1 million militias to help defend the country.

This and other urgent topics today on Leid Stories.

April 16, 2019  

As the 2020 presidential race takes shape, declared and potential candidates have begun to test the appeal of their political philosophy and platforms.

Anything interesting so far? Listeners share their thoughts.

April 15, 2019  

Tax Day finds most of the nation overburdened--not only by taxes, but also by other problems and challenges, not of our making, that come at us unrelentingly. Hardly anyone feels secure.

Leid Stories examines a few issues that illustrate the old maxim: Those in and with power create the mess; those on the lower rungs of the ladder are forced to live with it.

April 12, 2019  

Share information, opinions and ideas--on any subject, and especially on issues we discussed this week on Leid Stories--in our weekly open forum, "Free Your Mind Friday."

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April 11, 2019  

Leid Stories continues a series wjth listeners analyzing the significance and impact of several news stories that currently are getting priority or preferential coverage by major media outlets.

April 10, 2019  

Leid Stories listeners analyze the significance and impact of several news stories that currently are getting priority or preferential coverage by major media outlets.

April 9, 2019  

Continuing with the theme of yesterday's discussion, Leid Stories looks at a few current issues that lately have been dominating media coverage. 

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