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May 10, 2021  
Derek Chauvin, three  former Minneapolis cops indicted on federal charges in killing of George Floyd last year. Trials to begin in August. 
Chauvin was convicted last month on murder and manslaughter charges for his key role in causing Floyd's death during a violent arrest.
Assuming that these new charges stick and all four of these ex-officers -- Derek Chauvin, Tou Tao, J. Alexander Jueng, and Thomas Lane -- are found guilty of aiding and abetting the violent, fatal arrest of George Floyd, 46,  and failing to render medical aid -- will that finally close the case?
May 7, 2021  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday" and the entire program is devoted to you and what's on your mind.

You've been walking around with things you want to say. Well, here's your chance to clear your own deck and say what's on your mind.

Some people agree? Fine. Some disagree? That's fine, too. Just let your mind speak its truth.

Call 888-874-4888 and free your mind!

May 6, 2021  
Here’s what we're talking about on Leid Stories today: Is marriage as we know it overdue for an overhaul, considering that between 40 and 50 percent of U.S. marriages will end in a breakreakup, according to the American Psychologica Association, and the fallout isn't just limited to the previously married couple but entire socioeconomic systems built around them. If that is in our not-too-distant future as a society,how do we prepare? What are we to expect? How will "family life" change? How 
will our own lives and attitudes change?
May 5, 2021  

Trump's anemic  "reelection" campaign,  his ineffectual parallel presidency and his attempted stranglehold of a divided and weakened Republican Party should be more than enough proof to party loyalists that Trump has put his survival above all else. . What do you think? Share your thoughts live on air at 888-874-4888.

May 4, 2021  
What Is Police Reform?(Part 2): The role and function of law enforcement in our society today.
"Reform" implies law enforcement should be different from what it is. In way(s)? Who decides?
May 3, 2021  

Trump's Parallel Presidency Is All About Cash Flow Will Trump's post-White House parallel presidency soon be a real challenge for Biden? Or, will Trump self-destruct when his "reelection" bid is exposed as a money-raising scam? What Is Police Reform?  Listeners discuss  the role and function of law enforcement in our society today.

April 30, 2021  
It's “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories!
Our regular program format is suspended and we become an open forum where listeners talk about what matters to them and about which they have a considered opinion.
April 29, 2021  

Leid Stories listeners dissect President Joseph R. Biden's first address as the 46th president of the United States to a joint session of Congress, which occurred under unusual, Covid-19 circumstances last night.

How accurate were their predictions about Biden's talking points? What do they -- and the audience generally-- think of Biden's action plan?


3. What was the main purpose of Biden's speech? 


4. What were Biden's most persuasive points?

April 28, 2021  

1.  President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern. Name a key issue he will discuss and explain why he will discuss it. Or, what major issue will he avoid discussing, and why?


2.  Describe the context of the president's speech --  i.e, issues and events that are likely shaping his speech tonight.


3. What will be the main purposes of the speech? 


4. What will be Biden's most persuasive points?

April 27, 2021  

1. What is your sense of where we are, and where we're headed, as a nation? What shapes your view?


2. The fatal April 20 police 

shooting of 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, is being investigated. But parts of the tragedy made public are telling a story the Black community must reckon with.


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