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December 30, 2021  
What are your feelings about life in the United States of America at this time?
What is shaping your view?
December 29, 2021  


Archishop Desmond Tutu's New Year's Day homegoing

︎Kwanzaa still getting short shrift, but is it needed more now than in the past 55 years?

December 28, 2021  

Here's what we're discussing on Leid Stories today:

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest grade and 10 the highest, how do you rate the Biden-Harris leadership team's performance in its first year?

Would Donald Trump have done better had he been reelected?

Are you more comfortable with the Biden-Harris team than you were with Trump-Pence? How so?

Want in on the discussion? That's easy! 

December 27, 2021  

▪︎Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of many frontline champions against South Africa's brutal apartheid regime, died yesterday in Cape Town. He was 90 years old.

Battling prostate cancer and related complications, Tutu had been in failing health for some time. But the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and people's hero held on, continuing to inspire and support freedom movements all over the world.

A seven-day period of mourning has been declared in South Africa.

On Leid Stories today, we hold Archbishop Desmond Tutu in our hearts.

December 23, 2021  

We continue to look at how we've grown/changed in the last year -- from what to what, and because of what?

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December 22, 2021  

Where are we headed as a nation?

︎Has your education prepared you to make a decent living? Was/is your investment worth it?

︎On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? Where does your happiness come from?

︎Are you where you envisioned you'd be at this point in your life?

Are you hopeful about your future? 

Are you optimistic about America -- or uncertain, or disappointed, or angry?

︎What does your future depend on?

Are you getting a fair shake?

︎Long range, what's the plan? 

︎What are you exceptionally good at? What do you need to learn?

December 21, 2021  

Here's what we're talking about on Leid Stories today.

The nation is in turmoil, as is much of the world today. 

For the vast majority, there'll be no quick or easy way out of the crises they face. No ready solutions. No easy victories.

As you assess the situation here in the United States, what concerns you most about what we're dealing with as a nation? 


What's your opinion?  

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December 20, 2021  

Here's what's on Leid Stories today. 

The nation is in turmoil, as is much of the world right now. For the vast majority, there's no quick or easy way out of the crises we're in; we're in for a long, tough struggle and there will be no easy victories.

As you assess the situation, what concerns you most about where we are as a nation? What should be our priorities right now? How confident are you that the nation's political leadership will pull us through?

















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December 17, 2021  

Here's what's on Leid Stories today. 

It's "Free Your Mind Friday," and your opinion matters. Share your opinion on an important issue. Some may agree with you; others may not. What's important is that you make your best case.
December 16, 2021  

Here's what's on Leid Stories today.

Trump May Be Out of Control, But Who/What Will Stop Him?                    

Former President Donald J. Trump, who runs his own self-designed parallel presidency, has become a problem and an embarrassment, but he continues to run his own show.

Should people living legally in the United States but are not citizens be allowed to vote in local, statewide and national elections?
Should presidential candidates be tested for their mental acuity before qualifying to run for office?

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