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September 16, 2021  

Politics Most Foul: Will  Donald Trump's single term as president taint U.S. politics forever -- serving as an example of what we do not want to be or do?


September 14, 2021  

Gov. Gavin Newsom Projected to Survive Recall Challenge in California, But Has Been Served Notice About Reelection Next Year

Flying Solo: Cutting Political Ties That Bind

︎In Crisis, Opportunity?

︎It's Already Looking Bleak!

September 13, 2021  

Twenty years after the 9/11 terrorist attack that claimed almost 3,000 lives (and still counting), will there be justice?

The nation somberly continues to observe the 20th anniversary of three separate but coordinated terrorist attacks, allegedly by Islamic terrorists using airplanes as weapons, on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001.

The attacks claimed nearly 3,000 lives (including 400 police officers and firefighters), and left untold numbers of others with long-lasting medical and psychological injuries that to this day continue to add to the carnage.

Meanwhile, more is being uncovered about the attacks on 9/11 -- on the World Trade Center in New York City; the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C.; and a plane crash near Shanksville, Penn.

The investigation into 9/11, said to be the single largest foreign attack on American soil, continues. At its conclusion, it is expected that a series of formal actions will be taken by the United States and demands made of governments said to have sponsored the attacks.

▪︎How do you categorize U.S. post-9/11 actions so far?

▪︎Will the United States gain wide support in the international community for sanctions it proposes or wishes to take against nations it accuses of supporting the 9/11 attacks?

▪︎Will any action taken against the accused terrorists and their supporters strengthen their hand?

▪︎... And more!

September 10, 2021  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday." The program suspends its regular format and becomes an open forum for listeners to express their opinions and ideas about any subject they choose.

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September 9, 2021  
Will you be voting in the presidential election this year? Why/Why not?
︎Do you mind sharing your reason(s) for voting / not voting?
︎Can you recall a year that you voted in a presidential election that you felt made a difference? Who was the candidate? What difference do you feel your vote made?
What is your view about voting? Are you convinced it truly is the voice of the people -- an expression of democracy?
︎Do you think voters are sufficiently informed on the issues and candidates they are asked to vote on?
︎ Given the historical and current climate that typically surrounds elections in the United States, can free and fair elections be guaranteed?
September 8, 2021  
President Biden and his administration have been concentrating on getting up and running throughout the country a wide range of economic-development projects and programs that are addressing people's pocketbooks.
Ex- President Donald Trump, who says he has the best shot Republicans have of regaining power in 2024, is inspiring dramatic conservative changes in state constitutions.
Which strategy will win greater voter loyalty in the next presidential election?
September 7, 2021  
So, let's talk about it.  The president, Joe Biden, and the vice president, Kamala Harris: Are they really a team? 
︎Are you encouraged or worried about the state of the economy?
︎As the Covid and vaccine wars continue to rage, are you any clearer about where you stand?
︎Since the presidency of Donald Trump, are you more hopeful or less hopeful about America? Why?
︎Do you agree or disagree that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was, and continues to be, a national and international embarrassment? What do you think its long-term effects will be?
︎What major challenges lie ahead for the United States? How do we prepare?
September 3, 2021  

It's Free Your Mind Friday!

September 2, 2021  
Federal Bankruptcy Judge Conditionally Approves Multibillion-Dollar Settlement for OxyContin Manufacturer. But Is It Justice?
On the heels of an announcement by New York Attorney General Letitia James that three opioid distributors -- McKesson Corp, Cardinal Health Inc. and Amerisource Bergen Drug Corp -- have agreed to pay $1.1 billion toward opioid abatement in the Empire State after negotiating a settlement in a decades-long civil lawsuit, a federal bankruptcy judge yesterday announced conditional approval of a multibillion-dollar settlement in the major-league drug-manufacturing world.
I'll read you the Associated Press report
But as we discussed yesterday, is it justice?
September 1, 2021  
The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James was pleased to announce another big win for justice yesterday. 
McKesson Corp, Cardinal Health Inc. and Amerisource Bergen Drug Corp., three opioid distributors, have agreed to pay $1.1 billion toward opioid abatement in the Empire State after negotiating a settlement in a decades-long civil lawsuit, the AG's office announced.
It is yet another high-profile victory for James. But is this justice, asks Leid Stories.

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