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August 31, 2021  
Is Trump's I'm-still-president-and-nobody-can-do-anything-about-it campaign doing real damage to Biden and his administration?
Or, is it proving Trump's desperate need to hold on to power so he can carry out his hidden, unfinished agendas?
August 30, 2021  
What a crazy week it's been for millions of people all over the world! Wars, bombings, starvation, displacement, annihilation, unimaginable loss and despair they did not cause but have come to know as a bizarre kind of normal now, while the rest of the world observes sympathetically, but does little to undo the damage or stop the unending suffering and pain.
Today on Leid Stories we discuss the reality that the people of the world are no match for the bullies of the world and their genocidal agendas.
August 27, 2021  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday." Callers take aim at media coverage of a news issue they think is off the mark, not telling the whole story, or is missing entirely from the news menu.      

August 26, 2021  

Have recent issues, events or developments in politics significantly affected your interest or desire to participate?

︎In six days, President Joe Biden is expected to bring to end the U.S. military presence and rescue mission in Afghanistan. What else do you think will happen?   


August 25, 2021  
In just seven days, President Joe Biden will end the U.S. rescue mission in Afghanistan.
The Taliban say they will not allow Afghans to leave, and they won't agree to extend the deadline to evacuate those wanting to leave under U.S. protection. 
Will it come to a military showdown, or will the U.S. (Biden) suffer a total defeat at the hands of the Taliban?
How will the crisis play out on the world stage?
How do you rate the Biden presidency so far?  Compared to his predecessor, Donald Trump, how, in your opinion, is the Biden administration doing?
August 24, 2021  
We follow up on yesterday's discussion, "What's the story?" and add to it President Joe Biden's  entreaty to the nation, also yesterday, to get vaccinated because it will be a tremendous boost to the economy and the stock market.
August 23, 2021  
Here’s what we're talking about today on Leid Stories.
What's the story? 
Why do you say so?
August 20, 2021  

Today is "FreeYour Mind Friday" on Leid Stories.  

We suspend our regular format and the entire program becomes an open forum for listeners' opinions on issues that matter to them. 

Have a point to make? Call 888-874-4888 and say it live on air!

August 19, 2021  

Conspiracy Theories Are Designed to Capture -- and Hold -- Your Mind. 

Be Vigilant! Protect Your Most Precious Asset!

August 18, 2021  

Afghanistan reels in chaos and turmoil in the aftermath of a sudden and chaotic withdrawal by the United States and the Taliban returning and seizing total control of the country again. 

Will Biden's action revive the Islamic state in Afghanistan and in the region? 

What does it say about the Biden administration's military judgment calls, and Biden's own ambition to score points as a commander in chief?

(Part 2)

︎Yet more pain, suffering and bewilderment befall the nation of Haiti after a magnitude-7.2 earthquake killed an estimated 1,900 people this past Saturday in a still-ongoing count. 

As the frantic search for possible survivors continues, Haiti proceeds with its internal investigation into the July 7, 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Is an exodus from Haiti -- due to natural and political disasters -- in the making?


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