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April 12, 2021  


▪︎Are we all suffering alike in this pandemic? Are the wealthy doing their part to help ease the burdens of fellow Americans? Is the government reluctant or unwilling to demand more from the wealthy?

▪︎The Derek Chauvin case continues. Will he testify?

▪︎With growing reports of resurgences in coronavirus strains and deaths, should we not know from our health experts what we need to know?


April 9, 2021  

On Fridays, Leid Stories becomes an open forum so listeners can express their views on issues they have strong feelings about. 

Bring your thoughts to the forum and make your case. Some will agree, some won't, some won't particularly care.

But if you'd like to share your opinion about an issue, call 888-874-4888 and let's hear what you have to say.

April 8, 2021  

Just What Kind of Cop Was Derek Chauvin? How Many More Are There Like Him In Our Communities?

Derek Chauvin, it seems, was a "special" cop. Or, at least he thought so, and encouraged that view over his almost two decades in law enforcement. His run ended abruptly last year, after he jammed his knee into George Floyd's neck, and kept it there for nine and a half minutes, to "restrain" Floyd during a violent arrest.

As Chauvin faces murder and manslaughter charges in Floyd's horrific death, questions abound. Leid Stories listeners raise questions about Chauvin that not even prosecutors want to raise.

April 7, 2021  

Behind the Blue Line, Who's Policing the Police?

This week in the trial of Derek Chauvin--the Minneapolis ex-cop who is the central figure in the killing of George Floyd in a botched arrest on May 25 last year--expert witnesses testified about proper police procedures for arrest and restraint. 

They pointedly disputed Chauvin's claim that the knee-on-the-neck method he used to restrain Floyd was a police tactic. 

Today on Leid Stories we ask the question: Who's policing the police?

April 5, 2021  

Week 2 in the trial of Minneapolis ex-cop Derek Chauvin begins today, with more testimony about the key role he had in the May 25, 2020 death of local resident George Floyd.

Derek, a 19-year veteran of the metropolitan police department, led a four-man squad assigned to investigate a complaint that Floyd used a counterfeit $20 bill to pay for a purchase at a convenience store. Floyd was to be arrested at the scene and taken in for further questioning.

Bystander and cop-cam videos showed Floyd loudly protesting his innocence while handcuffed and prone on the street with his hands behind his back. Videos also showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Floyd had no pulse when an ambulance arrived to take him to a hospital.

As the trial enters its second week, Leid Stories listeners offer their opinions on key issues in trial and what they expect of both prosecution and defense as it continues.

April 2, 2021  

It's another edition of "Free Your Mind Friday" on Leid Stories. 

On Fridays we suspend our regular program format and become an open forum featuring listeners' views on issues that matter.

Opinions to the contrary also are welcome.

Have something important to say? Call 888-874-4888 and say it on air!

April 1, 2021  

Derek Chauvin, Ex-Cop Charged With Killing George Floyd, Goes On Trial in Minneapolis  

(Part 4)

It is the fourth day of trial for Minneapolis ex-cop Derek Chauvin, defending himself against murder and manslaughter charges stemming from his role in the brutal killing of local resident George Floyd during a violent arrest on May 25 last year.

Today on Leid Stories we look at the intersection of race and class in this trial, how it is manifesting itself, and in what ways it likely will affect the outcome of the case.

As you listen to the conversation, what are your thoughts on the subject? Call 888-874-4888 and share your view live on air. 


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