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March 3, 2021  

Cop in George Floyd's Death Has History of Alleged Brutality, But No History of Reprimands

The controversy that surrounded the brutal death in Minneapolis of George Floyd last year has taken a second wind as his alleged killer, former cop Derek Chauvin this week goes on trial on first- and second-degree murder charges.

Floyd died on May 20 last year as Chauvin and three other officers attempted to arrest him for allegedly making a purchase at a neighborhood store with  counterfeit money. Chauvin, the lead cop, was videotaped with his knee pressed into Floyd's neck, obstructing Floyd's ability to breathe.

Leid Stories says the actions of Chauvin, a trained martial artist who as a cop had several violence-related complaints filed against him but escaped reprimand, will be a focal point of his trial.

March 2, 2021  

Last Friday, the City of Minneapolis approved a $1,181,500 budget to hire a cadre of specialists. They are called "influencers," and they were to start this week, coinciding with the trial of Derek Covin, charged in the  controversial knee-on-the-neck killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

But yesterday, on the eve of the trial, word went out about the "influencer" squad, and it caused a public-relations nightmare. The city shut down the idea even before launch.

Though short-lived in Minneapolis, the idea may have new life or new versions elsewhere.

Leid stories looks at this development, discussing its possible wide-ranging effects on the justice system, its implications for trial integrity, and the conflicts and contradictions that inevitably will arise.

March 1, 2021  

Donald Trump, who closed the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend in Orlando, Fla., teased a gleeful audience with the possibility of another presidential run in 2024.

Additionally, what do you think gives Trump reason to be optimistic about being elected again?

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