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February 26, 2021  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday" on Leid Stories.

We dispense with our regular program format and become a free-wheeling, unscripted open forum in which callers choose their own topic and make their best case either for or against the key issue(s) it raises

February 25, 2021  

Leid Stories host Utrice Leid discusses the role of journalism in a democratic society, and troubling signs that journalism is an endangered institution.

Haiti is in a state of utter chaos, with the daily deterioration of internal order due to strife among political parties vying for power, a general breakdown of governmental systems and pervasive poverty that continues to plague most of its people.

Recently, the situation has become more dire, with predictions by Haitians of imminent national collapse. 

February 24, 2021  

Trump is out and Biden's in. Have you stopped the stopwatch on Biden, giving him and the Democratic Party a grace period to see how they perform on issues that matter to you, or are you keeping your options open on finding a third party more in line with your politics?

February 23, 2021  

So, what we've been experiencing as a nation these past few months, what do we call it?  Is it the only thing, or the biggest thing, affecting us right now? 

Are you confident that the government has control of the situation? Do you believe that citizens would be doing a disservice to the country if they question or openly oppose governmental policies?

February 22, 2021  

Fifty-six years ago today, the Black world was shaken and angry to its core -- the horror of the brutal assassination of Malcolm X (as he prepared to give a talk at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem the previous afternoon) seared in their memory. 

February 19, 2021  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday" on Leid Stories!

Every Friday we dispense with our regular program format and become an open forum in which callers express their views on a subject or issue on which they believe they have a unique perspective. It's very popular with Leid Stories listeners.

Have a point you want to make? Let's hear it! Call 888-874-4888 and free your mind.

February 18, 2021  

What's Our Political Game Plan? (Part 2)

Yesterday's program--titled, "What's our Political Game Plan?"--generated more calls than we were able to accommodate. 

No surprise, therefore, that we're continuing the dialogue today.

To recap: We know where the political system and the ruling elite stand with respect to their interests--and even ours. But where do we stand with our own? 

What systems or mechanisms do we have and control that protect our interests?

February 18, 2021  
February 15, 2021  

Here's what we're talking about on Leid Stories today (1-2 p.m. EST on prn.fm).

It was born in a crucible of engineered political chaos and confusion and ended with wild celebration among supporters Saturday when the U.S. Senate closed its weeklong impeachment trial for former President Donald J. Trump, voting 57-43 that he played no major role in precipitating a massive, violent attack by supporters on the Capitol that claimed five lives.

Trump did not direct the violent actions of several groups widely viewed as supporters, the Senate verdict said, and Trump should not be held responsible for their conduct, albeit violent murderous.

Today, with the benefit of a fuller picture of Trump's alleged role in the major tragedy, listeners are asked whether they have reevaluated Trump's alleged role inthe Capitol insurrection and whether Trump's trial was fair, resulting in a just outcome

What do you think? Call in live at 888-874-4888!

February 12, 2021  
Dr. Jeffrey B. Perry concludes his Black History Month special presentation on internationalist Hubert Henry Harrison, dubbed by leading intellectuals of his day "The Father of Harlem Radicalism." 
Perry, after four decades of meticulous research on Harrison, has completed a masterful, 1,588-page, two-volume set on the autodidactic scholar, which has been published by Columbia University Press. It was the basis of Perry's presentation on Leid Stories this week.  
We commend and thank Dr. Perry for his work, for honoring us with his personal presence, and for having us in his virtual classroom this past week.

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