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May 29, 2020  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday," our free-form open forum that encourages listeners to express their views on an issue that is of particular concern to them and about which they have a strong opinion.

Let's hear what you're thinking, the views of others notwithstanding. 

Wade In and fearlessly present and defend your point of view. That's what "Free Your Mind Friday" is all about. 

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May 28, 2020  

It is rare that police officers are tried and convicted on murder charges against civilians. Rarer still is the likelihood that a law-enforcement officer will face trial on the full strength of the charges a grand jury votes. It happens so often, it's become something of a professional courtesy.

That's why the case against four Minneapolis police officers who failed to stop a fellow officer from the torture-killing of a black man this past Monday must be monitored closely.

Leid Stories says a new body of laws needs to be developed, and current procedures eevised and strengthened, to protect against arbitrary excesses by officers of the law.

May 26, 2020  

Against the morbid backdrop of the United States recording more cases and deaths due to the Coronavirus than any country in the world, we return to the theme of our previous conversation about the many ways in which people are trying to cope.

May 22, 2020  

Don't Keep It All In, Get It Said!

Welcome to our weekly free-form open forum, "Free Your Mind Friday," where you take the conversation wherever you want it to go.

The idea is, you have a strong point of view about an issue we may/may not have discussed, but have a different perspective you'd like to share. Here's your opportunity to publicly make your case.

We're eager to hear what you have to say, but don't be surprised if someone challenges your opinion.

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May 21, 2020  

Is the Coronavirus Teaching Us Anything About Ourselves?

It's been only a few months since the coronavirus made its somber but dramatic debut and immediately began to spread its deadly handiwork all over the world, making sport of people's lives and livelihoods and proving itself mightier than the world's mightiest weapons.

Life and major disasters have a way of teaching us things, valuable lessons. But most often, we do not seek to understand the lessons we are being taught. We doom ourselves by ignoring lessons we should to learn.

This time, will we try to understand? Will we try to learn something valuable?

If so, what are we learning? How will it benefit us and others? 

May 20, 2020  

How much longer is President Donald Trump's  bizarre, erratic and unpredictable conduct to be tolerated as "normal?"

 Can Stacy Abrams be saved from herself?*

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May 19, 2020  

How much longer is President Donald Trump's  bizarre, erratic and unpredictable conduct to be tolerated as "normal?"

Trump's announcement yesterday that he's been taking hydroxychloroquine to guard against coronavirus infection once again raises serious questions about his mental fitness -- considering that his own administration's health experts have repeatedly warned that the drug has no helpful effect with coronavirus.

Leid Stories says the president should be put on medical leave so that experts can closely examine his aberrant behavior and whether it is a threat to national security.


Can Stacy Abrams be saved from herself?

Stacy Abrams is convinced she should have that No 2 spot on Joe Biden's presidential ticket. She wants a meeting with him as soon as possible, because, you know, she's got some campaigning to do.

Calm down, Stacy. Get a hold of yourself. You're reading this whole thing wrong.

May 18, 2020  

Ahmaud Arbery's coldblooded murder a reminder that we're often deluding ourselves about all the "progress" made in racial equality and justice.

Leid Stories two weeks ago had said that "reform" of the Glynn County, Ga., criminal-justice apparatus will not prevent more flawed investigations of the type that have plagued Ahmaud Arbery case.

The city's criminal-justice system is beyond repair and should be scrapped and replaced, Leid said.

The Wall Street Journal reported on May 16 that Glynn County residents, tired of botched investigations and a climate of corruption within its criminal-justice system, want it dismantled and replaced.

May 12, 2020  

More Questions. Got Answers?

You'll call in, not knowing what question you'll be asked. Just the same, you'll answer it like a pro.

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May 11, 2020  

He would have celebrated his 26th birthday over the weekend. Instead, thousands turned out all over the country--and particularly in his home state of Georgia--to mark his death day, Feb. 23, vowing that his white vigilante killers will be brought to justice.

Arbery was shot and killed by a father-and-son team who justified killing Arbery, saying he looked like someone who had been burglarizing homes in the neighborhood. When they ordered him to stop so they could question him, he ran away from them, they told police.

Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, said her former high school footballer son would jog around the neighborhood to keep fit. He was jogging when the two armed men, riding in a white pickup truck, crossed his path.

A video shows the armed men confronting Arbery, and Arbery trying to get away from them. Three shots were fired at close range, the video showed, and Arbery fell to the ground, fatally wounded.

Not until mass mobilization by the community and the involvement of several high-profile lawyers and civil-rights activists did state and federal law-enforcement authorities move on the case. Will there be justice--indictment, trial, conviction and prison--for Ahmaud's killers?

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