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April 15, 2020  

Pelosi charges Trump with "unnecessary deaths and economic disaster" in mismanaging the U.S. coronavirus crisis.

>> Trump withholds financial support of the World Health Organization, blaming it for the poor response globally to the coronavirus pandemic.

>> Despite major criticisms of his administration's response to the coronavirus devastating impact in the United States, President Trump says he'll "reopen" the economy starting May 1.

April 14, 2020  

Sanders endorses Biden to defeat "America's most dangerous president." What's Biden's offer?

 Trump defends coronavirus response. Did "everything right," he says.


Governors form regional coalitions, blunting Trump's grab for absolute power over their states.

April 13, 2020  

Here's what we're talking about today on Leid Stories.

Trump and his administration must be called to account. The coronavirus national health emergency was not just a bureaucratic problem.

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April 10, 2020  

Requiem for A Movement: Bernie Sanders Ends His Presidential Campaign--And Any Hope for True Democracy Within the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. senator from Vermont and erstwhile 2020 presidential candidate, brought his campaign to an end on Wednesday. 

In a brief televised statement, Sanders thanked his supporters for helping him bring new ideas and energy to  the Democratic Party, along with an influx of new soldiers in an electoral battle to defeat Trump. 

His campaign had made great strides, Sanders said, but ahead are even greater obstacles and impediments that, as he assessed the situation, would be almost impossible to overcome.

Sanders ending his campaign leaves a wide-open path now  for former vice president Joe Biden, favored by the party establishment. 

Leid Stories suspects there is much more to Sanders' "Good luck, but I'm outta here" farewell. Listeners share their views.l

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April 8, 2020  

Can Wall Street Save the U.S Economy?

It has sputtered, it has soared, it has tanked. But the powerhouse financial collective has had, and continues to have, the unflinching loyalty and support of presidents and legislative bodies, Republican and Democrat alike.

In the age of massive coronavirus "incentive" or "stimulus" packages to jump-start the economy, no doubt Wall Street wants its share of the action. But can it save the U.S. economy?

Ex-Wall Street banker Charles Ortel separates fact from fiction.

April 7, 2020  

The Coronavirus Pandemic: What Aren't They Telling Us?

Since the emergence of the Coronavirus as a global dread disease, other than trying to avoid it, have you given much thought to where it came from, its symptoms, what it does to the body, who seems to be most likely to get it -- information that would help you protect yourself and put things in perspective.

What have you learned so far about the disease? Does what you now know give you the answers you're looking for? Or do you have a sinking feeling that you're not being told everything? What do you think is missing?

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April 6, 2020  

The Government, the People and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the onset of the corona virus in the United States, which now is part of a pandemic afflicting many countries of the world, there have been, and will continue to be, dramatic changes in practically every aspect of our way of life. 

Most significantly, these changes will be seen and felt in the relationship between government and the people, with tensions  arising from the power of government to make unilateral decisions and the people's insistence on their democratic rights to check unbridled power of government in a national emergency.

Listeners discuss whether the power equation between government and the people appears to be holding, or whether they see possible overreaching by President Trump and his administration.

April 3, 2020  

The Coronavirus Pandemic: A People's Perspective on A Global Catastrophe

Part 5: What's Next? 

All week long we've been discussing the onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic and the devastating impact it had all over the world before taking aim at an unprepared and vulnerable United States.

We close out the week with a bonus edition of "Free Your Mind Friday" to welcome the views of new callers,  and to allow callers to add to or amend their views from earlier in the week.

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April 2, 2020  

The Coronavirus Pandemic: A People's Perspective on A Global Catastrophe

Part 4: Given the magnitude and potentially long-lasting impact the coronavirus will have on practically every key aspect of American life, should the work of reconstituting vital functions of the country be the sole domain and responsibility of the incumbent government? Or, should long-overdue changes be debated now?

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April 1, 2020  

The Coronavirus Pandemic: A People's Perspective on A Global Catastrophe

Part 3:

Party Politics, A Raging Pandemic and A Bloviator President         

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