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March 10, 2020  

Charles Ortel, former Wall Street banker turned crusader against corporate and institutional  crime masquerading as charity, explains and answers questions about the near collapse of the stock market this week.

March 9, 2020  

Bracing for multiple storms -- the Coronavirus spreads, Wall Street tumbles, and the Trump administration is in disarray. Meanwhile, the people must prepare to push through as best they can.

The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson has endorsed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  What's behind his endorsement?

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March 6, 2020  

It's Been Quite A Week! Tell All About It on 'Free Your Mind Friday!'

Give your take on the wackiest week in U.S. electoral politics--or on any other subject you choose--in our weekly open forum. Great minds are eager to hear what's on yours.

March 5, 2020  

Bernie Straddles A Great Divide

Bernie Sanders straddles what many see as a political/ideological divide. So far, he has garnered impressive support, but ultimately will it help or hurt his presidential campaign running as a hybrid candidate--a Democratic Socialist running as a "real" Democrat?

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March 4, 2020  

Myths and Truths About "Minority" Political Power

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March 3, 2020  

Super Tuesday and the current political season raise a salient question: Is the presidential election "free and fair?" 

We continue with yesterday's discussion on Black voters and key leaders saving Joe Biden's political life in South Carolina and now his presidential campaign. Does Biden deserve it?

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March 2, 2020  

A Coronavirus Q&A: How are we dealing with this health emergency that now poses a major threat in many parts of the world?

Black votes saved Joe Biden's campaign. Why? 

The Dems so far aren't offering much in the way of quality candidates, even though the re-election of Donald Trump is a real possibility. Are they serious?

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