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February 14, 2020  

It's all about what you're thinking. Some will agree, others might not, but we're all interested in your take on issues and events that affect us all every day. 

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February 13, 2020  

Race and the Race for the White House: Candidates Quick to Swear Allegiance to Communities of Color, But Which of Them Can Deliver?

Racism has been, and continues to be, a permanent thread in the fabric of American life. It's a subject carefully managed in our society so as to create the illusion that, a few eruptions aside, America has all but succeeded in bringing its deep racial divides under control.

The 2020 presidential election has disavowed us of that notion, as communities of color ask candidates a familiar question: What are you going to do for us?

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February 12, 2020  

We end this four-part series on the recently concluded impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump with a discussion on the various ways the trial appears immediately to have affected U.S. politics and society as a whole.

Today's discussion, titled "The Aftermath," looks at some of the ways Trump's approach to governing is being made to reflect his personal philosophy and agenda.

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February 11, 2020  

There were many aspects of the recently concluded impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump that many media outlets didn't touch, even though it was evident that they were vital elements of the story and would have long-lasting impact on U.S. politics as a whole. 

A dramatic change in the nature and "feel" of politics itself was one such example.

In Part 3 of our four-part series reviewing key issues from the trial--and ultimate acquittal of the president on two articles of impeachment--Leid Stories listeners discuss the role of gangster politics.

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February 10, 2020  

Last Wednesday's acquittal of President Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment unleashed ubiquitous reaction. Trump and Republicans openly thumbed their noses at Democrats' failed effort to convict their leader, doubling down on an electoral clean sweep this year. Disheartened Democrats vowed to give Trump and his supporters no easy victories.

Leid Stories discusses Part 2 of its four-part series on Trump's impeachment, entitled, "The Middle." We're discussing how Trump's impeachment trial spawned an aggressive effort by the Democrats and Republicans--the mainstream political parties that dominate Congress as well as state and local governments--for total control.

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February 7, 2020  

We pick up from where we left off yesterday with the first of a four-part series reviewing the just-concluded impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Charged with and tried on two articles of impeachment--abuse of power and obstruction of Congress--Trump was acquitted on both counts by the U.S. Senate, setting off a torrent of reaction.

We began a review of the impeachment trial yesterday with "The Beginning," the first in the series, which is meant to create a record of people's opinions about, and interpretations of,  the historic event.

But it's also "Free Your Mind Friday," our weekly open forum. We'll continue with the schedule, so that those who weren't able to participate in yesterday's program may call in today.

February 6, 2020  

Calling It As We See It: Reviewing the Donald Trump Impeachment Saga.

Part 1: The Beginning 

The Senate yesterday delivered its verdict in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, exonerating him, as was predicted, of all charges contained in two articles of impeachment that were voted against Trump on Dec. 18.

The Senate's verdict wiped away accusations that the president had abused the power of his office and blocked attempts by Congress to investigate several instances in which he allegedly did.

With the trial now concluded but still fresh in the minds of the public, Leid Stories undertakes a review, strictly from the people's perspective, which will be presented in four parts: The Beginning, The Middle, The End, and The Aftermath.  

February 4, 2020  

The Senate formally will render a verdict tomorrow on the impeachment of  President Donald Trump.

Will the vote be to convict or acquit, or will there be a third option, which is being floated but hasn't yet landed: censure. 

This third option, if it goes through, would indicate that Trump was not cleared of the charges proven against him, while at the same time saying that the offenses he committed were not so grievous as to warrant further prosecution.

February 3, 2020  

Hillary Clinton's not running, but she seems to be--against Bernie Sanders.

Billionaire ex-Republican-turned-Democrat Michael Bloomberg seems to be the reason for some recent changes in the Democratic Party that many don't like.

Trump's acquittal in his impeachment trial is expected Wednesday, even though witnesses were prevented from testifying and many of the juror-senators believed the president acted unlawfully. If the outcome is as predicted, how would the trial be perceived?

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